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Don’t get horrified by Google penalties. Keep
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Tracking Links Manually

Let Link Validator do it for you. Believe it or not. It’s a breeze to
automate all of the following reports.

Your backlink is
losing its power

Link Drops

Get notified when a link is removed.

Anchor text

check if the anchor text was used as per your specifications

Target URLs

Check if the correct URL was inserted in the backlink

I.P address

Ensure all backlinks are from unique I.P. addresses

outbound links

Check if the webmaster is adding unwanted external links in your guest post

page indexed

Monitor is the backlinks are indexed or not


Check if the linking article is marked as ‘guest post’, ‘sponsored post’ etc.


Check if your URL was randomly placed in the article

in last 30 days


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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide API?

Currently, we don’t provide API access to our users

What does ‘Link not found’ mean?

It simply means that your link was not found in the mentioned URL.

Do you have a trial or free plan?

We have a freemium plan which you can use for one project.

How can I add more projects to my existing plan?

Just message us in the chat section or email us at, and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Can I connect my Ahrefs account with Link Validator?

Not yet, but we will be launching this feature soon.

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